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The Network for Innovation and Research with Children and Young People (NIRC) brings together international scholarship in innovative research that involves children and young people as co-researchers and co-constructors of knowledge. It aims to explore the diversity of global childhoods by presenting perspectives and experiences of children themselves. NIRC particularly wants to promote the visibility of children's perspectives and experiences from underrepresented contexts, such as those from the Global South and from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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Upcoming Events & Opportunities

NIRC regularly organizes online and offline events (e.g. research seminars, public workshops, masterclasses) to showcase recent projects by global scholars, facilitate knowledge exchange in the field, promote public awareness of children's perspectives, and train researchers in doing research with children and young people. If you want to present about your research and/or host a NIRC event, please get in touch with us via

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Research seminar:Engaging low-income families in education research: findings from three interdisciplinary exploratory studies

September 15, 2022

  • Paper 1: Household enactments of education during the Covid-19 pandemic among low-income families of primary-aged children Speakers: Emma Wainwright and Kate Hoskins

  • Paper 2: Engaging low-income families in education research: key themes and analysisSpeakers: Jie Gao, Yuwei Xu, Junqing Zhai, Emma Wainwright and Kate Hoskins

Innovation and Research with Children and Young People: Methods and Practices International Summer School of Zhejiang University

27 June ~ 11 July, 2022

This summer school programme is chaired by Junqing Zhai, Associate Professor, School of Education, Zhejiang University, China. During the 15 days, researchers from 10 universities around the world present a diverse range of methods and practices for doing research with children and young people around 12 different topics.

(Re)Constructing Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in Chinese Childhoods: Intersectional Perspectives and Transdisciplinary Approaches

February 28, 2022

Please email an abstract of 500 words (250 words for non-academic work) and a short bio of each author to guest editors by 31st August 2021 at Please feel free to direct any informal queries about the proposed edited collection to the editorial team

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International Partners

NIRC was initially founded with financial support from University College London- Zhejiang University Global Partnership Fund. It has since then received support from other institutions. Our key partners are listed below:


University College London

United Kingdom


Zhejiang University



The University of Nottingham

United Kingdom


Brunel University London

United Kingdom

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